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Preschool, Grade R, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3
Getting ready for the first day of school Your child’s first day of school is a big step. However, there are plenty of practical things that you can do to prepare them for their big day. Practical tips Tell your child what you enjoyed about your school days and talk positively about starting school. Involve your child in choosing things... Read the full article
Preschool, Grade R, Grade 1
Choosing the correct school Which is the correct school for your child? Which is the best school? These are the two foremost questions when you are selecting a school for your child. The decision to choose a school that is appropriate for your child is one filled with several questions and concerns. The most important part of this selection is... Read the full article
Grade 5

Drie verskillende maniere om 4-syfer getalle bymekaar te tel
Daar word verwag dat kinders teen Graad 5 verskillende maniere kan gebruik om nommer probleme op te los. Ons vind gewoonlik dat ’n kind gemaklik is met een manier en dit gebruik om elke probleem korrek op te los.
Die vrae in eksamens en toetse vra egter dat die...

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Grade 4
BODMAS en Orde van bewerkings
Die BODMAS is ’n wonderlike hulpbron wanneer ’n probleem met verskeie bewerkingsimbole (+, –, ×, ÷) opgelos moet word. U kind moet dit memoriseer en oefen, aangesien hy dit in alle Wiskunde... Read the full article
Grade R
Story sums
Story sums, problem solving sums and detective sums all refer to the same thing.  These sums are language based.  It is imperative that you start exploring, investigating and playing with these kinds of sums as early as possible.  Many children who find the written word a challenge, find story sums very tricky when... Read the full article