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Preschool, Grade R, Grade 1, Grade 3
As parents you want to know what your child is learning at school, however when we ask our kids what they’ve learnt at school they often don’t tell us much or they say things like; “ I played”, “We drew and coloured in”. This is especially true for children in early grades. Unfortunately this doesn’t make... Read the full article
Preschool, Grade R
Plastic bottles/containers with lids
Paper or a funnel
Rice, pasta, screws, beans, beads (any small, hard objects which can be placed in the bottles/containers)
Stickers for decorating
Instructions: Using a funnel or a piece of paper rolled to act as a funnel, fill the bottles/containers with... Read the full article
Preschool, Grade R, Grade 1
Instructions: As you go about daily household activities, make it a point to discuss where things go, e.g. “I’m putting the dishes away in the cupboard. I’m putting socks away in the top drawer.” Then, put objects in the wrong place, such as a spoon in a dresser drawer or a sock in the fridge! Ask your toddler for help to... Read the full article
Preschool, Grade R, Grade 1
Toys/household objects that can be used to measure length and height (e.g. Legos, blocks, books, apples, spoons)
Have your child use different household objects to measure length and height. Determine how many Legos tall the couch is, or have your child lie down and see how many apples tall... Read the full article
Preschool, Grade R
Black marker
Textured “bits” – sandpaper, beans, pasta, cotton balls, steel wool, pipe cleaners, felt/fabric pieces
Instructions: Use a black market to trace the outline of shapes or letters onto a page. Have your child decorate the shapes with the “... Read the full article